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MoneyGram is a Global Leader in International Money Transfers.
MONEYGRAM’S HISTORY MoneyGram began as a money order company called Travelers Express in Minneapolis in 1940, and we have remained focused on the payment transaction field as we branched out over the years with new businesses and services. In the 1970s, the company expanded with the addition of share draft and official check processing, and enhanced its money order business with the development of patented money order dispensing equipment in the 1980s. The 1990s brought a surge in technology for the company, and a flurry of acquisitions that rapidly expanded the company's scope of business to include the bill payment field, rebate and refund processing and transaction services in casinos. The company entered the international marketplace in 1998 with the acquisition of MoneyGram Payment Services, a money transfer company established in 1988. The company's steady expansion has been built on a solid financial foundation. Travelers Express became a subsidiary of Greyhound Corporation in 1965, gaining the support of a strong parent organization with enhanced resources for our future growth. Greyhound was renamed The Dial Corp. in 1991, and in 1996, the corporation split into two separate companies. The newly named Viad Corp became the umbrella organization for Travelers Express and the other service companies, while the consumer products companies stayed under the Dial flag. On June 30, 2004, the Travelers Express business was spun off from Viad Corp, becoming an independently traded company called MoneyGram International, Inc. Today, the Travelers Express name has been retired and the company continues to build its reputation in the payment services world, under the MoneyGram flag. Company Information - Expanding Payment Services to a Global Economy Acquisitions, new technology and the expansion into Internet-based services are fuelling growth at MoneyGram. We are a high-performance payment services company that efficiently and economically moves money around the world or close to home. Our core corporate organization has both a global funds transfer group serving retail businesses and a payment systems division that services financial institutions. The global funds transfer business line includes MoneyGram® money orders, MoneyGram® money transfers, ExpressPayment® emergency bill payments, gift certificates and utility bill payments. Company products are available in more than 100,000 locations worldwide. The financial line of business provides financial institutions with official checks and financial money orders. It also processes share drafts for credit unions. FSMC is a subsidiary of MoneyGram. FSMC processes a variety of payment transactions including rebates, refund checks, controlled disbursements, gift certificates and WIC payments. Company Information - Our Competitive Advantage The development of our patented money order dispensing technology in the 1980s was a pivotal event that launched MoneyGram International on its current technology track. Advances in point-of-sale (POS) equipment, operations systems and Internet-based services in the last 10 years have accelerated the company's capabilities to deliver fast, economical payment services. Acquisitions, particularly the acquisition of MoneyGram Payment Systems in 1998, have also greatly expanded our scope of services and extended our reach around the world. MoneyGram continues to build on this expertise and technology to add enhancements, achieve higher levels of customer service and deliver new types of payment transaction services to a rapidly changing global marketplace. While technology gives us an important business edge, our commitment to customer service makes us a leader in our field. Our corporate purpose is to help people and businesses by providing affordable, reliable and convenient payment services. We promote an environment that is both challenging and rewarding for our staff and invest in the communities where employees live and work with donations to a variety of educational, social service and cultural organizations, including Habitat for Humanity International. We also sponsor a strong United Way campaign every year. The MoneyGram® International Money Transfer network is a quick, convenient and guaranteed way to send and receive money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MoneyGram transactions can be exchanged with an individual, or sent to a U.S. business, within minutes through any one of MoneyGram's 100,000 agent locations in 180 countries worldwide. Not only is MoneyGram's money transfer service easy to use, it's a great value! Take a look at the following money transfer between Betty and Joe to see how a MoneyGram International Money Transfer works.
Value Added Benefits with MoneyGram MoneyGram stands out in the marketplace as the money transfer service that delivers the greatest value to its consumers. In addition to being quick, easy and convenient, MoneyGram offers the following benefits to consumers (note: service offerings may vary by geographic region):
• Economical - usually costs less than Western Union
• Reliable - service is 100% guaranteed
• Fast - funds sent are usually available for receipt within 10 minutes
• Big network
• Complimentary Message - gives consumers a 10-word message
• Invests in Your Community - MoneyGram also gives back and invests in the communities where we do business by participating in local community even

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